Academic Courses
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level
[1]ESM 2013Introduction To Valuation I
[2]CSP 2011General Agric Theory
[3]QSV 2033Building Construction I
[4]QSV 2052Land Surveying I
[5]ESM 2052Introduction To Law And Tort
[6]ESM 2072Statistical Method I
[7]GNS 2033Nigerian History And Culture
[8]CSC 2413Introduction To Fortrand Programming
[9]URP 2012Basic Element Of Planning I
[10]QSV 2012Principles Of Measurement And Description
[11]ESM 2023Introduction To Valuation II
[12]ESM 2042Introduction To Land Economy
[13]ESM 2062Elements Of Law Of Contract
[14]ESM 2082Statistical Method II
[15]QSV 2043Building Construction II
[16]QSV 2062Land Surveying II
[17]CSC 2423Computer Programming II
[18]CSP 2102General Agriculture Practical
[19]GNS 2023Principles Of Economics
[20]URP 2022Urban Planning Studies
[21]URP 2062Natural Resources And Environmental Planning
[22]ESM 2092Estate Surveying Studio I
[23]ESM 2123Principles Of Land Economics
[24]ESM 2082Statistics For Environmental And Biological Sciences
[25]ESM2112Principles Of Land Economics
100 Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level